About Us

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Based in Central Europe KAGERO Publishing House is the biggest publisher and exporter of English-written publications about military history. We release nearly 60 titles every year! For Polish readers we have prepared professional magazines edited at the highest level: ARMIA, AERO, MILITARIA XX Wieku, Super Model, OKRĘTY. The above magazines are available from year 2009 and we distribute them under Kagero Publishing Ltd brand.

The founder of the company is Mr Damian Majsak – the publisher of AIR SHOW magazine released from year 1991 to 1993 and pilots memories such as „SAMURAJ” about Saburo Sakai, „Czas wojny” written by H. U. Rudel and „Tajfun” by Desmond Scott.

KAGERO Publishing House was founded in 1995. In the same year, due to a serious car crash we lost almost the whole edition of the book entitled „Podniebne rodeo” by Ryszard Grundman and therefore KAGERO’s activity was suspended for nearly 6 months.

In 1998 KAGERO started to release publications in English. Authors from Poland, Canada, USA, Australia and Great Britain, who were invited to cooperation, gave a beginning to a new range of products which have put us on a position of one of the most recognized publishers on the market. Up until now KAGERO Publishing House has released more than 400 publications. Most of them had free additions included, such as CARTOGRAF’s decals.

Publishing house is managed by Damian Majsak and his wife Joanna. In result of company’s rapid development, the affiliated company was founded under the name of KAGERO Publishing Ltd which took over all press titles. Books (including the ones written in English) are still released by KAGERO Publishing House.

Both companies close co-workers are: Marek Murawski, Tomasz Szulc, Tomasz Basarabowicz, Arkadiusz Wróbel, Peter Brown, Tom Żmuda, Andre Zbiegniewski, Łukasz Gładysiak, Waldemar Góralski, Wiesław Barnat, Damian Figaj, Robert Wróblewski, Mariusz Łukasik, Maciej Góralczyk and others.

High editing level is guaranteed by Marcin Wachowicz and Tomasz Wainkajm. Linguistic quality of English books is provided by Piotr Kolasa, Marcin Gulis and Kazimierz Zygadło.

The initiator of all book series and magazines is Damian Majsak, but final shape of all products is a result of work and creativity of the entire KAGERO team.

Joanna Majsak coordinates the development of domestic and abroad sales.

In 2012, KAGERO Publishing Ltd plans to broaden its activity by founding educational center for youth and adults in Lublin.