01 - P-40 of the Mediterranean

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12001 P-40s of the Mediterranean - Tomasz Szlagor - ISBN 978-83-60445-49-5

The book presents the P-40 service in the Mediterranean Theater of Operation since the late spring 1941 to the end of WW2. The author discusses the actions of various units of the Allied air forces operating the type against Axis planes, ships and ground targets. Many first-hand accounts and period photos reveal the important role of the Curtiss aircraft. While it was quickly outclassed by the enemy fighters, the P-40 was still very useful as a fighter-bomber thanks to the big bomb load. The publication also includes a short chapter on camouflage and markings.
English text, 80 pages, 56 photos, 3 maps, 8 sheets of 1:72 scale drawings, 5 colour charts with 9 examples of camouflage schemes.